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(Re) gain self-confidence

  • Develop and strengthen your self-confidence and self- esteem

  • Stop devaluing yourself, become caring , forgiving and patient with yourself

  • Free yourself from your limiting beliefs from the past

  • Assert yourself in all circumstances

  • We all suffer from a more or less intense and different lack of confidence depending on the area, this prevents us all from moving forward in our projects, from sharing our opinions, from speaking in public ... but at the end of a reconstruction work with the right tools and adequate support, you will regain your self-confidence

  • At the end of this coaching, you will be able to lift the brakes on your “self- esteem ”. Aware of your potential , we will put together an action plan to continue working and developing your self-confidence day after day.

Manage your emotions

  • Identify your needs and better manage emotions through a range of simple and effective tools allowing you to maintain the necessary perspective on a daily basis

  • Learn to release tensions in the face of different issues in the professional and personal environment in order to find emotional balance with oneself and those around us

  • Manage your stress by regaining control, setting the right limits, adapting and above all by learning to let go

  • Channel your anger by first identifying the source of the anger. Anger originates from the feeling of having suffered harm, for example: the feeling of not having been respected or of having suffered an injustice

  • Managing your emotions means going to the heart of them in order to understand them and suddenly meet their needs or manage them with tools or techniques. Which will result in transforming emotions into allies

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Make a success of your professional retraining

  • In Switzerland, 1 in 5 people think they have chosen the wrong profession. In France, more than 9 in 10 active French people want to change their professional life...

  • And yet it is extremely hard to take action , some will never succeed and will be right, or a burn-out (see a bore-out) will push them to stop everything because the body will no longer be able to follow.

  • Many people are afraid of not succeeding in their professional retraining:

    • "It is too late to retrain and change your life"

    • "I'm afraid to quit my job and lose my benefits"

    • "Leaving all these advantages without knowing what I will gain in the end?"

    • "I am good at what I do, I have a good position, I am not fulfilled but I have no idea what I would do instead!"

    • "What will the others think?"

  • Whether you have a clear idea of what would make you happier or have no idea, everything is possible. If you want to be happy , it's time to make a plan and the first question you need to ask yourself: What is it that makes me really happy in life? what are my passions? what meaning do I want to give to my life?

  • Having been through all of this and accompanying others in this situation, I can help you make this plan and you will see when you take action, you will come back to life! So do not wait any longer, do not push back your happiness. If you don't have the strength or the courage, ask for help, whether it is from BCAD or anyone else who can accompany you!

Achieve your professional goals

  • You are ready to take action but you need help to achieve your goals, BCAD is there to support you

  • Personalized help to define and validate your professional project

  • Preparation of an assessment of your strengths, values ​​and skills

  • Developing an action plan tailored updated as and measure your progress

  • Regular individual support with a contribution of effective methods, resources and tools

  • Coaching to develop your self-confidence and prepare you to achieve your goals

  • Special coaching for employees:

    • Position your profile in relation to market requirements and postulations

    • Coaching to prepare you for recruitment interviews

    • Coaching to get you operational for your new job by preparing you to manage your tasks , organize your time well , cope with stress and help you successfully integrate into your new team

  • Special coaching for future entrepreneurs/self-employed (business plan, legal status, marketing)

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