Who is Adeline?

Adeline Nguyen fondatrice de BCAD

In a few words...

From a Vietnamese father and a Franco-Swiss mother, I first trained as a lawyer in Paris .

After 10 years of experience in business law and taxation and   several years as a French teacher for foreigners in Australia, France and Switzerland, I decided to found BCAD.

BCAD is the fruit of immense interior work: what motivates me the most? what services do I want and can I provide with unquestionable added value?

Teaching has been a passion since childhood. But what I love most of all is helping others reach their goals and develop their potential. Great lover of intercultural encounters, travel, human contact, helping foreigners to speak my mother tongue is a real opportunity that I wanted to develop.

Established for more than five years in French-speaking Switzerland, I have decided to give priority to helping foreigners who have come to settle in Switzerland. I specialized in preparing for the fide test by creating a unique , efficient and pragmatic method that language studies do not teach us.

By giving my French lessons, I realized the essential role of the teacher in learning French. To gain confidence in the learner and make considerable progress, the privileged and personalized relationship between the teacher and himself must be firmly established.   All students have the potential to be successful at speaking French and pass their test! BCAD is just there to support them with great kindness, a precise program, in-depth knowledge of the fide test and tailor-made monitoring!

We have also created our own learning method based on the incredible analyzes of Jean-Luc Berthier, specialist in cognitive science of learning, to allow all learners to memorize the French language.

Thus, BCAD accompanies with passion and benevolence any person wishing to succeed in their integration in French-speaking Switzerland.