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BCDA teaches you French in a fun and effective way. The method is entirely personalized according to your personality, your desires and your memory (visual, auditory or kinesthetic).


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Learn French with the themes of your choice

  • Learn French by tackling the specific subjects that interest you (ex: sport, music, painting, news)

  • Train in a new discipline by perfecting your French

  • Discover Swiss and French history (customs, cultural specifications, etc.) by improving your French

  • Progress efficiently in French oral and written while having fun

Une femme donne une pile de six livres à un homme dans une librairie
Une famille, un couple et une petite fille regardent le plan de leur nouvelle maison

Learn everyday French

  • Learn everyday French to be able to converse with your family, friends, neighbours

  • Simulations/staging of situations that may take place in your personal environment (with those around you or with merchants)

  • Learn French in a fun way with your children

  • Familiarize yourself with useful documents/websites in French-speaking Switzerland

Un homme réalise une présentation devant un grand nombre de personnes

Public speaking in French

  • Help in the preparation of all types of presentations / meetings / conferences / seminars as much in the form as in the content

  • Speaking in public already requires very demanding preparation for French speakers, so for non-French speakers, intense preparation is essential: in addition to correcting French, BCAD supports you to develop your self-confidence, to manage your stress, work on your non-verbal/body language, improve your oral expression (tone, enunciation), learn to convince and be able to structure your thoughts in speaking

  • Providing tools, techniques and tips for successful public speaking

Let's speak french together

  • It is very important to speak in a group in order to progress, gain self-confidence and train

  • These meetings allow you to talk together in a relaxed way in French on a wide variety of subjects

  • A shared and safe space to learn from others

  • Make groups to talk about a specific theme and the teacher intervenes in each group to correct the students

Un groupe de femmes se réunissent pour discuter en buvant un café ou un thé

Opt for legal French courses

for lawyers, jurists, tax specialists

  • These courses are aimed at lawyers, jurists, tax specialists / accountants who wish to practice their profession in French-speaking Switzerland and all those who wish to improve their French in these areas.

  • The aim of the legal French courses is to deepen and broaden French legal linguistic knowledge, both written and oral, through practical exercises, the analysis of legal texts and documents related to legal themes in Switzerland and around the world

  • Teaching of legal , fiscal and accounting lexicon

  • Application of learning French in concrete cases resulting from practice (ruling, complaint, etc.) in compliance with the rules of confidentiality

Un groupe d'avocats sourient dans le hall d'un tribunal
Une maîtresse pointe du doigt un élève qui lève la main pour poser une question

Other needs?

At your service!

"Hi, my name is Tassia! I am from Brazil and I had the pleasure to have Adeline as my French teacher in Geneva for almost one year, specially for practicing my speaking skills. Her charisma, patience, and open personality was essential to make our lunch time conversations really pleasant and to make me confident enough to talk about any topic, to explore new vocabularies and develop my speaking skills! She is very easy going person and someone that is really nice to have around, specially to help on getting integrated with the language and the culture in Switzerland! I highly recommend her!"

   Tassia from Brazil

Lawyer, tax consultant in Geneva

Une belle femme d'affaires sourit

Learn professional French

  • Our goal is for you to be able to work in French regardless of your position: from business leader to employee

  • Oral and written learning of vocabulary adapted to your profession and your responsibilities

  • Simulations / staging of situations that may take place in your professional environment

  • Preparation of writings (letters, emails, any type of document) useful for your work

  • Teaching fully personalized to your professional situation and your position